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We Could All Use "The Fab Five"

The new "Queer Eye is as affecting as the original. In 2003, the Bravo series, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” premiered to a somewhat nonplussed audience. As it turns out, this was groundbreaking television. The premise, five gay guys overhauled the lives of clueless, straight schlubs, who were “nominated” by friends and loved ones for much-needed lifestyle upgrades. Each “queer” was a guru in a particular area: Ted Allen, food and wine (Allen is now host of the Food Network hit, “Chopped”), Carson Kressley, fashion, Kyan Douglas, grooming, Jai Rodriguez, culture and interior design expert, Thom Filicia. Every week, the Fab Five would descend upon their unsuspecting target and with a light and often hilarious touch, make the dude over from head to toe. In record time, Kressley would revamp his wardrobe – never hesitating to burn a pair of flipflops… Filicia would perform miracles on the guy’s often disgusting domicile… Rodriguez shared

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