A "Few" Of My Favorite Things.

 Any of these strike a chord? Would love to hear about the things that "do it" for you.

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1.    My husband (if he can be referred to as a “thing.”).
2.    Our three cats and all those that have preceded them.
3.    Writing.
4.    Insightful responses to my writing.
5.    The animal kingdom.
6.    Red lipstick. All variations of same.
7.    Film (“All About Eve,” “Fargo,” “The Best Years Of Our Lives,” “Office Space,”
“Flirting With Disaster,” and more.)
8.    Reading (Kindle: Yeah, baby!)
9.    True friends.
10. Rainstorms
11. Snowstorms
12. The smell of lilacs in early spring.
13. Smelling good.
14. Pasta and noodles of virtually any kind.
15. Spicy food.
16. Spicy people.
17. Our home.
18. The fireplace in our home.
19. Listening to Lana Del Ray sing “Drive,” while I’m driving.
20. The buzzing of Cicadas in late summer.
21. My 27” iMac
22. A burst of energy. Especially, creative energy.
23. Long, hot, bubble baths.
24. Cozy environs. (Perhaps I was a Dane, in another life.)
25. Feeling like a rock star.
26. Marvin Gaye’s honeyed, sexy crooning on “Sexual Healing.
27. Exfoliating.
28. Sensual dreams that culminate in…well, use your imagination here.
29. Putting racing thoughts on hold, while house-cleaning.
30. Militant, animal-rights activists.
32. Cruciferous vegetables.
33. Led Zeppelin
35. Vodka, Whiskey, Wine


  1. I'll have to check out the perfumes!

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